Air conditioning units have an average lifespan of 10-15 years and within that time period, one should expect to run into a few undesirable malfunctions. Most of these glitches can be avoided if maintenance is routinely carried out on the unit. However, the routine maintenance of an air conditioning unit hardly ever makes it onto your list of priorities. You’ve got a 9-5 job, kids who won’t sit still if their life depended on it, chores to do, meetings to attend, and bills to pay. You can hardly be blamed for neglecting your air conditioning unit. So one day you’ll sit on your couch, watching the TV, enjoying a brief escape from everyday life when you’ll notice that something isn’t quite right. Maybe it’s a bit too chilly or maybe you’re sweating profusely even though you’ve set the air conditioner to a cool 68o. Either way, you’re now paying the price for your negligence. But what’s the problem? The problem can actually be one of many and for the sake of putting your mind at rest, we’ll be discussing three. Here is the list of three problems commonly experienced by owners of an air conditioning unit.

Inadequate Air Cooling –

Inadequate air cooling is an all too common problem and its source can be determined with a little troubleshooting. So you’ve set your air conditioner to 62o but it still feels like 80o. What next? Before you go yanking your AC off the wall to be replaced with a newer more efficient model you could try lowering the thermostat by 5 degrees. How does this help? It can tell you whether or not you have a dirty evaporator. If the problem persists then there’s a chance that you do. Clean the evaporator and leave the air conditioner running for a few hours. If you’re still feeling a bit too warm after this then a dirty evaporator obviously wasn’t the problem. If that’s the case you could have an air conditioning unit that’s much too small for your home or building. You should then contact a professional and have it replaced. Your problem could also be related to the ambient temperature outside. If the temperature outside is 100o you’ll never be able to achieve an indoor temperature that’s lower than 80o no matter how low the thermostat is set.

Your Air Conditioning Unit is Not Cooling –

If your air conditioner is on but it isn’t having the slightest effect on the temperature then you could have a faulty thermostat. If you’ve determined that the thermostat is working as it should then it’s likely that your condenser is blocked or dirty. A blocked or dirty condenser prevents heat from being transferred to the outside air and reduces the efficiency of the air conditioning unit. Clean the condenser and remove any blockages then turn the air conditioning unit on. If there is still no change then you could have a more serious problem: a defective compressor or an insufficient quantity of refrigerant in the system. Both of these issues must be dealt with by a trained professional.

Your Air Conditioning Unit Continuously Turns On and Off –

Sometimes an air conditioning unit will turn on and off ever few seconds or minutes. It’s a problem commonly referred to as short cycling, which increases energy consumption. Short cycling can sometimes be caused by a blocked or dirty condenser along with a dirty evaporator. When both are dirty the air conditioner can overheat and will turn off to compensate. It’s also plausible that the cause is leaking refrigerant. Leaking refrigerant causes the coils to freeze which in turns causes the air conditioner to cycle on and off repeatedly. And in some instances, a faulty or poorly placed thermostat will cause an air conditioner to short cycle.